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When Does Your Resignation As A Director Become Effective?

Can A Director’s Resignation Be Backdated? There are over 2000 laws and regulations in Australia that impose personal liabilities on Directors of both private and public companies.  These laws and
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AMICA – Can A.I Replace Family Lawyers?

Amica is a new initiative supported by the Australian Government. It is designed to assist couples to resolve their parenting and/or financial issues following separation. It is a great initiative
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lawyer with couple at desk

Family Law: A Complex And Private Legal System

In Australia all separating couples, are subject to a family law system that is both “bifurcated” and private.  We can read about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce and separation
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Frustrated couple refusing to sign contact containing 'botched' family law advice

Avoid Being a “Botched” Victim When It Comes to Family Law Advice

I do not know whether you have had the fortune, or misfortune as the case may be, to watch an episode of the reality TV show “Botched”.  “Botched” follows the
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