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Legal Considerations For De Facto Relationships… What Would Beyonce Say?

For many years, the stats have shown that for many couples, a formal marriage ceremony has followed a de facto relationship. Other couples who have made a conscious decision not
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Land Titles – Not What They Used To Be – Be Warned!

 A Certificate of Title is a government-created document which provides evidence as to who owns a particular piece of land in WA. The Certificate of Title is an important legal
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Bankruptcy And Superannuation Remedies – The Family Law Position

Family lawyers are often asked the question “can my ex-partner avoid paying my entitlement by going bankrupt“.  In most cases, the answer will involve a discussion about the assets in
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The Family Court – financial settlements, cryptocurrency and the photo finish

In a family law settlement, the couple must exchange all relevant information about their assets and liabilities and financial resources, which is called the “disclosure obligation”.    A financial resource is
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