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Frustrated couple refusing to sign contact containing 'botched' family law advice

Avoid Being a “Botched” Victim When It Comes to Family Law Advice

I do not know whether you have had the fortune, or misfortune as the case may be, to watch an episode of the reality TV show “Botched”.  “Botched” follows the
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Upset couple sitting separately as they consider separating

Too Bad To Stay, Too Good To Leave

The media has been reporting that couples have found the Covid-19 impact hard on their relationships.  Others might have found that there has been an improvement in some ways, because
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Frustrated couple experiencing 'separation under one roof'

Separation Under One Roof

Thanks in large part to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Western Australian economy is expected to experience a recession in the 2021 financial year. With increased unemployment rates, and house prices
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Woman investigating how property and income have been affected by COVID-19

My property and income have been affected by COVID-19, will this impact my Family Law matter?

Disclaimer:  This series of articles is intended to provide general information only and does not constitute legal advice. The article is in summary form and we recommend you seek legal
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