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At Bowen Buchbinder Vilensky we recognise that the end of a marriage or de facto relationship can be an extremely difficult and painful time for both parties. At such a time, people need some sound and practical advice and guidance to avoid the many pitfalls and hurdles that can stand in the way of a final resolution.

We have specialist capabilities in the area of mediation and collaborative agreements, the latter being a relatively new area of practice in Australia which focuses on respectful settlements between parties.

Our Family Law team can provide you with information, advice and legal representation on a range of family law issues on a Fixed Fee Price basis. These include:

  • Divorce
  • Parenting Arrangements:
    • Complex children’s cases
  • Child Support Matters:
    • Domestic and international
    • Limited and binding child support agreements
  • Property Settlements:
    • Company and entity restructure pursuant to Family Court Orders
    • Division of superannuation
  • De facto relationships:
    • Including same-sex domestic relationships
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Binding Financial Agreements
  • Family Court Representation
  • Mediation

Parenting Arrangements:

BBV lawyers appreciate that issues relating to children can be highly sensitive and that the best interests of the child should be the strongest consideration. Our family lawyers can help assist you with where and with whom your child should live, and how much time your child should spend with their parents and other significant persons in their lives. How decisions are made regarding a child and financial arrangements to support the child, are also within our areas of expertise.

Property Settlement:

We can assist parties to resolve all matters arising out of the breakdown of their marriage or de facto relationship. We appreciate that following the breakdown of a relationship is a difficult time for parties to negotiate, deal with and resolve issues relating to spousal maintenance and settlement of property. We can assist you by providing legal advice about your rights and entitlements at law and then use this information to negotiate for you, or guide you to reach a legally binding agreement without the need for you to go to Court.

Binding Financial Agreements

Parties who wish to avoid a financial dispute in the event of a marriage or de facto relationship breakdown may choose to enter into a binding financial agreement.

There are stamp duty and taxation advantages where property is dealt with in a binding financial agreement. Arrangements parties may make for how superannuation is dealt with can also be recorded. There are strict formalities to be observed by the parties when entering into an agreement.

BBV gives advice on and can prepare binding financial agreements for parties:

  • Before they marry or enter into a de facto relationship;
  • During a marriage or de facto relationship; or
  • Following divorce or the breakdown of a de facto relationship.


When parties are unable to reach agreement in relation to any of these matters, we can provide you with legal representation in Family Court proceedings.

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