Bowen Buchbinder Vilensky

Community & Environment

At Bowen Buchbinder and Vilensky, we believe in building relationships within the community that are beneficial and helpful to everyone involved.

We take part in charitable causes with an eye on making a tangible difference to those in need. This includes volunteering our time, supporting fundraising campaigns and gathering and making donations.

We are keenly aware that the way we carry out business has an impact on the environment and we’re committed to following environmental best practices for all our business activities.

In addition, we educate our employees in these same practices allowing them to contribute to a safe environment both at home and at work.

We work with local colleges and universities to make them aware of opportunities with our company and give those wanting to join our team every opportunity to succeed.

We pride ourselves on a diverse and supportive work environment where each employee is recognised and valued for their contribution to our success and the firm’s continuing vision to provide the absolute best in legal representation and client support services.

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