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Ending Your Marriage with Dignity

By Damien Bowen, Director at Bowen Buchbinder Vilensky Lawyers

2 September 2015

You may have seen the selfie which has “gone viral” showing a smiling Canadian couple, Sharon and Chris Neuman, posing outside the Calgary Court Centre after filing their divorce.

The Neuman’s attitude to their marriage break up is to be complimented.  They have young children and have expressed how important it was that they were able to end their marriage in a way that would allow them to continue to be partners in parenting their children.  They understood how important it is for children that their parents are able to get along together after divorce.

I tell my client’s that what I would like to achieve for them at the end of a marriage where there are children is a situation where while they may not have a marriage, they still have a family. They are parents to their children who undoubtedly love them both.  They will be the parents of these children for the rest of their (the parents’ lives) lives.  There will be graduations and birthdays and engagements and weddings and grandchildren.

If they can end their marriage with dignity and consideration for what is best for their children, they will have achieved a good outcome from what might, if handled differently, have been a very unhappy situation.

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